Past Life Insight Sessions

What to expect from a Past Life Insight Session

When having a Past Life Insight Session, The more open you are the more you will get out of the experience so relax & breathe.

If you are having a reading via phone or skype then before you connect with me, find a calm quiet space where you wont be disturbed. (taking the devise you are connecting with me with you) Even lighting a candle & taking a few moments, centre yourself, then contact me from that place.

First I will say a blessing & open the reading. I usually start by talking with you & reading your cards at the same time, both giving a deeper sense of understanding for me to be able to connect & see the most relevant past life for the situation at present.

To begin with I will be given a basic vision from Spirit e.g. long grass. This will then build into a full coloured vision, which I will describe the best I can. Within this will come a deeper understanding, or just a different perspective in which you see your current situation. Though I need to concentrate on seeing what I am given when it starts to flow, I am happy for you to ask questions throughout the reading, about what I am seeing. I often guide the reading through with questions of my own to Spirit to bring greater understanding and definition.

Like with any type of Oracle what we need is given, which may not be what we first imagined.

The reading can take on many forms, I have been given many different ways of connecting, sometimes I see the life unfolding as the individual or I can be watching them, I may even have your older self from that life guiding me through. Each time it is slightly different. I can often if it is relative, see how you got to a certain place in your life by asking about your childhood, relationships, family, so to understand your journey in that particular life, the relationships you had, the emotions you carried until your old age & your passing.

Often we then discuss any similarities in this life time now, honouring your past self, acknowledging what you brought through in this lifetime, releasing what no longer serves you. Talking through various appropriate methods you can explore your self. Plant remedies are a great way to support you through this as well.

At the end of the vision I will close the connection, this will be a good time to blow your candle out. Or perhaps you might choose to do this after our phone call has ended mindfully in your own way, taking a few moments then blowing out your candle.

Like with any type of healing be gentle to your self, often this kind of work can bring up deep rooted emotions, take time to rest & settle into this new paradigm.

I suggest three readings on the same theme this brings a deeper sense of knowing, understanding, healing. Continuing your explorations will reveal clearer patterns in past lives that may manifest as an issue you may want to heal in your current life. It can be compared to discovering secret wee forgotten or hidden treasures within. I recommend if this is what you choose to give your self at least 2 weeks to let the experience flow and to absorb, releasing…… what is necessary giving time to do your own healing work or Rituals on the matter before exploring deeper.

If you choose to have a reading I do so look forward to connecting with you

With Love & Blessings



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