Way of Wisdom

Davina Thomson

 I specialise in working with your most relevant Past Lives, guided by natures plants.

“I highly recommend Davina’s insight, a life changing experience”

“Very special, It has far reaching & deeply healing effects, both in oneself (internally) and in one’s life” 


I also recommend natural Wild crafted and Organic Plant remedies

which I make and others by Plant Rhythms, individually for each case.


I am often accompanied by Ebony my black cat who has a talent for finding me particularly

when I am harvesting plants & connecting with Spirit I think if truth be told I’m her assistant.


My intention with the Plants & the Past Life Insight Sessions is to enhance the

individuals sense of clarity, cleansing & clearing on a spiritual & cellular level.



My intention with the plants & the past life experiences is to enhance the individuals sense of clarity, cleansing & clearing on a spiritual & cellular level. Awakening the individual’s knowledge of the depth of support we have within, whilst connecting with mother nature & the plants around. Encouraging each individuals journey with strength understanding & empathy.


I wanted to be able to offer clients not only words but also something more to assist them on their journey, so that is why I now offer wild crafted and organic plant based products, that I make with care and integrity.


  • Stress relief
  • Aiding positive sleep patterns
  • Lessen anxiety, depression
  • Clear physical and mental blockages
  • Bringing a greater understanding of self
  • Self empowerment  
  • Alinement
  • Connection
  • Opening your heart
  • Self Acceptance and Self Love.
  • Acknowledge &assist in breaking past life patterns
  • Freedom
  • Wholeness
  • Peace
  • Better understanding of difficult relationships
  • Access abilities you developed in the past
  • Gain a new perspective
  • Shift limiting thoughts & self limiting beliefs
  • Discover why you are attracted to certain people, places and or historical times
  • Lives not necessarily from this world
  • Our star seed selves
  • healing on a cellular level

Past Life Insight Sessions

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