About Davina

About Davina

A bit about myself.

I was always called an imaginative child loving anything artistic & creative. As a youngster I always felt energies around me & saw Spirit, of past family members, and others who wished to show them selves. I have a close infinity with nature which has always given me a deep sense of peace and equilibrium.

At present I travel New Zealand in my Purple Bedford Bus, Babushka, 8 months of the year with the Extravganzia Fair, a fantastic community of inspirational individuals. All living life on the road. Each weekend we set up in different locations all over the North and South Island. Where I offer in person Reading. Remedies and Infusions are sold on my husbands stall who sets up beside me with his travelling jewellery workshop, The Riverside Jeweller.

Life is full of adventures on the road, home schooling my youngest. I have four beautiful children who have been such an important part of my life and still are, we have always had an array of cats and dogs. I am definitely a Gypsy at heart and enjoy travelling, always having a healthy interest in psychology, gaining wisdom and understanding as living life always gives.

When not on the road you will find us in the Wairarapa up in the hills living in beautiful wooden yurts surrounded by native trees, birds alongside a river.

Often over the years, even as a youngster people have found me easy to approach & share. Taking the time to listen & concentrating on those skills is a privilege.

I hope to respectfully support others in their journey so their paths open up for new growth.

 I have always had a clear link to source, intuitively just knowing. Able to see into past lives, connect to Spirit to see feel, smell & sometimes hear past life events & daily living. Often seeing people’s guides and past loved ones when they want themselves to be known. 

Over the years I have studied Astrology, the Akashic records, various oracles, Tarot, The Runes, an array of different modalities. Reiki. Life coaching, positive communication, NVC. Coming to recognise and rediscover the gifts I have been given in this life & others.

Having four children & the experience of running a successful world wide business with my husband. Hosting & entertaining many. I am used to interacting with people from many walks of life.

I have again in this lifetime (as with many lifetimes before) found myself intrigued & fascinated in mother nature, her plants and all they bring in their healing & knowing ways. Having been fortunate enough to study Astrology Psychology at the London based MISPA and with the renowned Astrologer Graham Ibell, whom has a depth of knowledge.

Studying Astrology furthered my appreciation and fascination of psychology, the elements, the directions, our ancestors. How every single one of us is an individual, all holding our own truth enabling us to untangle parts of our knowing, to bring a greater sense of understanding.

I Also have been Lucky enough to Study with Amy McComb who founded Plant Rhythms who has a depth of wisdom & knowledge in her guidance & teachings, shamanic journeying. Meeting a circle of like minded woman connecting to & appreciating on a much deeper level the knowledge plants hold to our knowing & beyond.

The more I connect with this work the more I feel my path aligning.

My wish is to share this with you so you can benefit from what I am given from source, our inner and higher selves, and guides.

One of the most valuable things confirmed early on in my learning was that each individual is just that, completely & undeniable individual, no two the same. We all see and hold experience differently, neither right nor wrong, often holding slightly different truths.  People try to box & title everything, choosing black or white, but what about the hues of greys & all the colours the rainbow holds in-between.

Over the years I have given many Past Life Experiences, Orical Readings, Reiki Light Healing sessions and Astrology Readings. Each has bringing its own energy, experience validation & understanding to each individual. I am for ever learning & experiencing.

I am often accompanied by Ebony my black cat who has a talent for finding me particularly when I am harvesting plants & connecting with Spirit I think if truth be told I’m her assistant.